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Power Cool 180°

Líquido Refrigerante Sem Água para Carros de Alto Rendimento

Power Cool 180° é o líquido de eleição para muitas equipas profissionais de corridas e especialistas em carros de alto rendimento. Para fabricantes como Noble, mais nenhum proporciona a protecção completa de líquidos de refrigeração sem água da

No Water

Power Cool 180° contains no water eliminating the problems caused by water based coolants, increasing reliability and extending engine life.

-40°c to +180°c

Power Cool 180° has a boiling point above 180°c eliminating the risk of overheating and boil-over associated to water based coolants.

Low Pressure

Power Cool 180° generates 75% less vapour pressure than water based coolants, significantly reducing strain on hoses, seals and gaskets.


Power Cool 180° reduces cavitation erosion by 75% compared with water based coolants and eliminates oxidation corrosion.

Long Life

Power Cool 180° has been proven to last more than 20 years and a million miles in service without the need for replacement.

Non Toxic

Power Cool 180° has been tested and certified as Non Toxic by an EPA approved laboratory. It is biodegradable and will not bio-accumulate.


Para motores de alto rendimento construídos com uma mistura de componentes de ferro fundido, cobre, aço e alumínio

Typical Characteristics

Physical State : Low Viscosity Synthetic Liquid
Boiling Point : Above 180°C
Freezing Point : Below -40°C
Colour : Red Clear
Odour : Almost odourless
Taste : Slightly Sweet, Non-Toxic but not recommended for human consumption

ASTM & ISO Standards

Evans in association with ASTM committee D15.22 have developed a specific range of standards for waterless engine coolants. All Evans Coolants are manufactured in accordance with certified ISO procedural standards.

Product Brochures

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